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For Photographers


Introducing NEW One-On-One Mentorships! You asked - NOW you CAN!

What are YOUR goals? From understanding the basics (and beyond!) of using your camera learning to create soulful, evocative portraits..... laying a foundation or going deeper in Photoshop starting and growing a business......
..... Focus on what YOU want to learn!

The following options are available. Contact Debra for more details, a complimentary goal-setting consultation, and availability at 469.233.2022

Option 1: One-on-one in-person six-week mentorship program. $1000. Introductory price: $700.
The most intensive, personalized opportunity for instruction and ongoing feedback as you progress! Includes 1.5 - 2 hours weekly (shooting time, critique, Photoshop time, and/or beginning business consultation) for six weeks, weekly assignments, as well as three months of ongoing support availability via email and phone.

Option 2: One-on-one six-week mentorship via Skype. $900. Introductory price: $650.
Same six week program for those not in or able to come to the Dallas/Fort Worth area - or those who just prefer Skype!.

Option 3: Full day in-person coaching $800. Introductory price: $650.
Work on one skill area in the morning, another in the afternoon, or make a day to go deep on a single topic! Eight hours "digging deep" session includes lunch.

Option 4: One-half day in-person coaching (4 hrs; includes lunch with Debra and another mentee) $500. Introductory price: $400.

Option 5: One-half day Skype coaching (4 hours) $400. Introductory price: $350.

Option 6: One hour Skype personal coaching $100. Introductory price: $75.

Debra is one of approximately 3500 photographers worldwide who has earned their Certified Professional Photographer designation,
a highly-regarded industry standard.

*Themed model shoots available. Some restrictions may apply.

Complimentary consultations available. (Limited availability.)

(Recommended for beginning to intermediate photographers and those just starting or beginning to grow their businesses.)